Taxing Professional Services Would Damage Maryland’s Economy

Today, the House Ways & Means Committee will consider legislation (HB 1051) that would extend Maryland’s sales tax to 29 additional services, including such business services as tax preparation, management and business consulting, public relations, photographic services, real property management, testing labs, staffing services, drafting, business brokerage service and more. See the bill for a complete list.

In economic times like these, Maryland government should be focused on creating a climate to foster economic growth and job creation. Extending the sales tax to professional services would hinder economic growth, cripple job creation and make Maryland less competitive.

Maryland Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs Ron Wineholt will present the Chamber’s opposition during today’s hearing. We encourage you to contact your lawmakers to let them know how expanding the sales tax to professional services would impact your business. Take action now.

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Communications Director
Maryland Chamber of Commerce