Governor Announces Regulatory Reform

Governor Martin O’Malley submitted a list of state regulations to be repealed, revised or streamlined to the Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee. View them online here.

The review was a result of an Executive Order the Governor signed last year requiring all State agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of their regulations in order to identify those that could be modified, streamlined, or repealed in order to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens on Maryland’s businesses and promote economic growth and spark faster job creation.
“Making it easier to do business in Maryland – making it easier for businesses to add to their payrolls – remains a top priority,” said Governor O’Malley.

The Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act (State Government Article, 10-130 – 139) has required for several decades that state agencies conduct a review of their regulations every 8 years.  The most recent review of regulations by the Administration is a welcome addition to the this process. The Administration sought feedback from the business community and received more than 350 comments on its Maryland Made Easy website.

In many cases, the regulations were obsolete or superseded by law, but there were a few changes that may help Maryland businesses in their daily endeavors.

“Many concerns expressed by businesses about over-regulation are not the result of overreaching state administrators, but stem from state laws that unnecessarily interject the state government into the marketplace, such as minimum wage, living wage, prevailing wage and many other workplace regulation statutes,” Maryland Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs Ron Wineholt said.

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